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This website is getting a little boring for now

2008-03-21 20:20:13 by regimag

I'm kind of not in this site cause' the flashes that people make are getting kind of crazy so I'm only going to come here for a few times for now also my sister.


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2008-04-03 19:13:45

wherd you get the banner

regimag responds:

I just posted these on paint from google


2008-04-06 03:03:35

yeah, at times newgrounds could get boring after awhile. I'm rarely on newgrounds anyways cuz everybody at my house is always on my pc. Anyways talk to u soon. Peace. BTW nice banner.


2008-05-04 21:28:38

Dude your reviews are weird, you are weird and your love for sonic bullcrap is weird in total thats just weird!


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