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2008-01-14 16:24:49 by regimag

Hello my user name is regimag and my name is Alexandria and my favorite movie is Sonic cosmic dimensions and my favorite game is Sonic and mario scene creators My favorite person is Tails and the person I suck is Amy my favorite Sonic music is throw it all away. I have a sister name Hiedi and she likes Tails to and she hates Amy to and her favorite Sonic song is Tails song. Are favorite Sonic game is Sonic next gen and the on that sucks is N/A sorry but I'm so glad I'm welcomed for Newgrounds, we love to work and talk and jog around looking for good stuff. And our last consiuquence,
We love to add things to our favorites.


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2008-01-20 23:35:38


regimag responds:

What the heck does that mean?


2008-01-22 08:50:01

Sorry about putting Amy in there; I couldn't look for any great jpg.s or gif.s, But I'll keep lookin'.


2008-01-23 15:18:10

Hiya Alexandria! So... into Sonic Teh Hedgehog huh? Lol so am I! I haven't played Sonic Next Gen, but So far... my faveorite Sonic game has got to be Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Anyway, hope to hear back from you.

regimag responds:

mines to hehe...


2008-01-24 10:56:11

Are you a flash artist??

regimag responds:

No, we don't know how to make any flashes because we can't find any swf.s.


2008-01-25 02:34:01

You're such a beautiful girl, I'm also into Sonic The Hedgehog too u know. Anyways hope to hear back soon Alexandria :)


2008-01-25 02:34:50

may i have your e-mail address please.

(Updated ) regimag responds: gived to dethklok!


2008-01-25 09:59:57

I need to show eveybody and look through my reviews got to Not tails and his GBA DX and watch it and look at this crap going on... IT'S NOT TAILS AND HIS GBA! It should be clock crew or something and I don't know why it's rated all audience, but it's suppose to be rated teen or something for 14 or 15year olds. Go there PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2008-01-25 14:57:13

yo babe message me

regimag responds:

I can't because the erro message keeps coming up sorry I bumped your old message.


2008-01-25 14:58:18

oh and can have your email

regimag responds:

It is


2008-01-25 22:44:14

Another Tails fan ^_^


2008-02-01 10:39:55

COME ON PEOPLE! More comments please!


2008-02-04 02:37:08

tails is my favorite to


2008-02-06 22:16:56

hi be sure to PM me


2008-02-07 19:04:46

im joking bout the last one


2008-04-06 02:58:00

to 8ftsantivajr, her e-mail was right there when i asked her, ok