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Hey guys! I'm making a remake of Mario party flash.

2008-05-24 15:43:47 by regimag

I'm making a game the same as Mario Party which this Mario Party game is called Tales of symphonia party. But first of all, I need to watch some flash tutorials, So that I can do better with making Flash games. I aready know how to make a movie though.


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2008-05-24 15:45:04

Good luck.


2008-06-07 13:58:28



2008-06-28 10:23:07

Hey! Are you ok with doing part 2 of Amy roses revenge? Everybody is rooting for you to fix things. Be good with part 2 and try making the movie longer this time.


2008-06-28 23:10:54

A game huh? Wow! That's going to be crazy, good luck, I know with practice you can do it. I don`t even want to try at this point, haha.
But yeah, need to work on your Flash "movie" a bit more. I know the next will be much better.


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