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ALERT! ALERT! Watch out for Spongebob Hentai!

2008-05-06 17:12:26 by regimag

Don't even think about going into these stupid Spongebob Hentai, they are just plain nasty and from Kitty Krew but don't just even think about going into them ok?


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2008-05-06 18:23:52

To the guy above.

Thats tails lol


2008-05-09 19:23:00

man your right kitty krewfucking banned me cuz i just said spongebob doent have a dick those fucking bastard oh i like playing viedo games too


2008-05-09 19:54:33

i hate sonic mario is a kick-ass guy who more better than sonic and the place IN sonic thier foods and shake taste l;ike crap.


2008-05-12 19:48:26

so true


2008-05-17 21:37:21

They ACTUALLY made Sponcebob hentai?
I mean what is next?
Mappet Babies?


2008-05-18 15:17:21

go fuck yourself you stupid fucking nig.ger, it's "hentai" not "hantai" dumbfuck.


2008-05-24 15:37:04

How about you get the hell out of here paradox. You are being a total teser to my big sister. I don't care if she has misspelled words or not on her blog. She is my offered big sis.